Doriandra wrestles textiles into submission & then scars them with peculiar and often disturbing images to bring you one of a kind functional art.

For 13 years, her work has been creeping across the world into numerous art galleries, retail venues and music events such as Lolapalooza and Peter Gabriel's, World of Music and Dance.

Her eye for design and lust for fibers sent her peering into additional projects like creating surreal store front windows by dead of night that would halt the early morning joggers in their tracks. Drawing on the myriad influences of history, she created uncanny set design & costumes for several foreboding Los Angeles music projects.

She became a cherished art model for professors teaching human anatomy at Pasadena's Art Center School of Design, posing in nothing but a set of giant hand sewn insect wings or a leering hairy gorilla head.

If you should have tea with Doriandra's ever loving mom, she'll fondly show you the carefully folded article wherein her daughter was named Best Textile Artist in 1995 by The LA Weekly and the lovingly preserved fabric valentines from the pre-school years.

There are Vampires in Silverlake wearing her maniacal coats, monocle wearing chaps in Paris looking dandy in her historically patterned trousers, babies in Poland spitting up apple sauce all over her fanciful infant rompers, matadors in Spain fighting in her ornate bolero's, lovely ladies in Thailand riding elephants with her sturdy bags & wood carvers in Lebanon lounging about in her curious bedding.

So please, do come in & take a stroll through these ever changing & always exceptionally peculiar designs.